Concorde (kon´kôrd)

n. 1. of the same mind.  2. agreement, harmony.  3. peaceful relations.


A Truly Integrated Team of Professionals

2018 Winner: Best of the Best Canton Repository and Alliance Review

The group can boast some of the most experienced and talented staff in the Stark County area. Our licensed professionals are respected for their expertise by physicians, case managers, coaches, educators, employers, and health care consumers throughout the area! Our Canton, Alliance, and Hartville facilities are equipped with state of the art rehabilitation equipment, including Body Masters, Cybex and Trotter weight training equipment, free weights, upper and lower extremity ergometers, treadmills and a full complement of therapeutic modalities. The therapeutic pools in Canton and Alliance, designed specifically for the rehabilitation of our patients, support a full line of aquatic services.  A Work Simulation Area in Canton supplements both acute care and rehabilitation for the industrial population. Our buildings also house facilities for community education, continuing professional education and clinical research.

Who Are We?

Our practice began in 1988 as Stark County Therapy Associates was originally comprised of a group of seven individuals with a goal of providing high quality, cost-effective rehabilitation services. Our staff has grown to include over 100 individuals, including a clinical staff of over 40 licensed rehabilitation professionals. Specialty services are offered in the areas of sports medicine/athletic training, adult orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, hand therapy, industrial rehabilitation, ergonomics, and work conditioning.

In December of 1992, we occupied our anchor facility on Belpar Street and, as a reflection of the changing face of our facilities and services, changed our name to Concorde Therapy Group. That name symbolizes what we think is one of our greatest strengths: a team of experts providing a truly unified concept of care.

Today, our practice continues to grow not only because of the expertise of our staff but because of our commitment to going a step further with quality. We provide services not only from our original facility on Belpar St. NW, but from offices in Alliance, Louisville, North Canton, and Hartville.

We also realize that our care goes beyond clinical services. Our administrative staff has maintained pace with our aggressive clinical growth. Both before and after the clinical care provided by our professional staff, our experienced support staff schedules appointments, verifies and bills insurance carriers, answers questions, and much more.