Concorde Health & Wellness

A Fully-Integrated Approach to Exercise & Wellness


A Unique Model of Care

Concorde Health & Wellness has brought an integrated model of community wellness and fitness to Stark County. We’ve combined the “Medical Model” of therapy and rehabilitation services with the “Fitness Model” of a fitness facility.

The result — facilities with comprehensive services for all members of the community, from athletes to couch potatoes, and from fitness enthusiasts to people with special fitness needs.

Enjoy the atmosphere of our fully-equipped facilities, where we provide comprehensive services for people who appreciate quality and value in an exciting environment.


Our first commitment to you is service. As a member, you’ll work with a team of experts, including fitness specialists, certified personal trainers, sports conditioning specialists and massage therapists. These professionals have the expertise to design and maintain quality wellness and fitness programs for people of all ages and levels of conditioning.

If you’re a fitness novice, a weekend warrior, or a competitive athlete, we have the facilities, the equipment, the programs, and the expertise to help you realize your health and wellness goals. We are totally committed to helping you establish a new and successful lifestyle!