Transitional Fitness Program

Fine-Tuning Rehabilitation Gains

A Step Further

The Transitional Fitness Program was developed to assist our patients in implementing ongoing fitness efforts which will help them complete their rehabilitation and avoid similar problems in the future. It acknowledges that discharge day from therapy doesn’t end the recovery process and encourages the patient to take over responsibility for the ongoing management of their wellness.

The keys to success are structure and support, and TransFit incorporates special input from the physician and therapist at discharge from formal rehabilitation services. Patients become health club members and take care of their own progression, but always under the close supervision of our Health & Wellness staff. The greatest benefit of TransFit is that the patient is no longer “cast off” at the end of therapy — they can continue to fine-tune their rehabilitation efforts with short term or annual memberships. Regular contact with our professional staff insures continuing progression of the plan for best results.

The other benefit of Transitional Fitness is to support the provision of rehabilitation services for individuals with limited or no physical therapy insurance benefits. The patient becomes a TransFit member so they can work on their own to incorporate our therapist’s periodic guidance, keeping out-of-pocket exposure within their means.

This program is one of the very special tools we have to drive the outcome of the care plan for our patients!