Hand & Arm Pain

Like having one hand tied behind your back…

A significant barrier to daily activity

Our Occupational Therapy team includes a Certified Hand Therapist and provides hand & upper extremity therapy services in both our Belden Village and Alliance facilities. The team works with patients who have had surgery or trauma to their hand and upper extremity, causing damage to nerves, tendons and ligaments, as well as arthritis, fractures, wounds and infections, amputations, scarring, burns, swelling, stiffness, and changes in sensation.

Many patients who are affected by cumulative traumas such as tennis elbow, trigger finger and carpal tunnel seek hand therapy for relief. OT interventions include workstation modifications, preventative programs, pain management, splinting, conditioning and stretching programs. We also address patient education regarding ways to simplify work, conserve energy and protect joints, tendons and nerves.