Knee Pain

A challenging problem for active adults.

The Problem

It’s been estimated that up to 25% of American adults have experienced knee pain which impacts their functional capacity. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of knee pain in individuals over the age of 50. In younger individuals, knee injuries can occur as the result of a direct blow or sudden movement that takes the knee past its normal range of movement. Knee pain can be associated with difficulty performing daily activities, such as walking, rising from a chair, climbing stairs, or playing sports. At Concorde Therapy Group, our clinicians are specially trained to help diagnose and treat knee pain, and help individuals return to regular activities without pain or limitation.

Many athletes are bothered by inflammatory knee pain associated with overuse, such as patellar tendinitis, anterior knee pain, iliotibial band friction and hamstring injuries – that falls right into the lap of our running and biomechanics team, certainly the leaders in our region for management of these persistent problems.

Patients with arthritic knee pain benefit from our Early Arthritis program, managing their symptoms with range of motion and strengthening activities, along with selective bracing for activity. Many patients are able to delay or avoid surgical intervention with this conservative approach.

If it comes to surgery, our therapists are experts in the rehabilitation of reconstructive surgery and joint replacement. We’ve seen thousands over the past 30 years, and we have all the tools necessary to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services