Neck & Back Pain

Practical approaches to an all-too frequent problem

A team approach

At CONCORDE THERAPY GROUP, we’ve established a comprehensive approach to spine rehabilitation services which is built around our integrated model of therapy and wellness services. This exciting new program is designed to serve the dual role of elevating the standard of care for individuals with spinal pain in our community, as well as streamlining the delivery of services to reduce costs.

As with any specialty therapy program, a skilled staff is the key element to successful development. We are fortunate to have Thom Krupar, P.T., Cert. M.D.T. as the coordinator of our Spine Rehabilitation Program. Thom is certified by the McKenzie Institute, USA for mechanical diagnosis and treatment of the spine. In addition, Thom is a specialist and instructor of Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT). He is joined by a skilled team of physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and exercise specialists to provide comprehensive services across the therapy-wellness spectrum.

No more “2 weeks in bed…”

The Spine Rehabilitation Program addresses the difficult issue of acute management with numerous strategies for symptom reduction and self-care, along with early active intervention by the therapist. Aquatic therapy, unweighting approaches, and the Repex treatment system allow for faster resolution of acute symptoms and a quicker implementation of rehabilitation activities.

Ongoing care involves a structured progression of education, body mechanics training, mobility & flexibility training, and strengthening exercise, along with monitored resumption of previous daily activity levels, work stresses, and recreational pursuits.

We realize that the job isn’t done when the acute symptoms are over — Our focus goes beyond episodic care, with regular follow-up and ongoing support. The statistics are staggering — as many as 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and the annual cost to care for low back pain alone eclipses $50 Billion!!

CONCORDE HEALTH & WELLNESS supplements these therapeutic measures with the Back in Shape transitional fitness program, as well as weight loss programs and other lifestyle enhancement services. These services allow for early discharge from therapy without sacrificing the critical issues of ongoing structure and professional guidance.