Sports Injuries

Taking care of athletes — ASAP.

A Comprehensive Team of Professionals

At Concorde Therapy Group, Sports Medicine isn’t just another “program” listed in our literature. We take the care of athletes very seriously, and we’ve assembled a team of professionals with the expertise to provide truly specialized care for athletes of all ages.

Concorde Sports Medicine offers comprehensive sports injury management and rehabilitation by some of this area’s most experienced and respected professionals. Our clinics are among the most completely equipped facilities in the region for the assessment and treatment of the injured athlete. Our sports medicine “team” consists of experts from the fields of Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Exercise Science and Strength & Conditioning, providing injured athletes with a highly coordinated approach to injury management and rehabilitation. This integrated approach allows the athlete to return to competitive levels ASAP — not only As Soon As Possible, but As Safely As Possible.

Our unified concept of athletic care is accomplished through immediate scheduling, acute injury management, advanced exercise testing and exercise, biomechanical evaluation, and functional testing designed for sport-specific return to activity. Rehabilitation programs are designed to meet the individual athlete’s unique needs. When the work in the clinic is through, the job is not done. Training progression advice and functional testing assure that the return to competition is a safe and effective one.

The Sports Medicine Team

The staff of Concorde Sports Medicine has extensive expertise in the acute and long-term management of traumatic and overuse injuries associated with a wide variety of athletic activities. This background, along with the experience associated with numerous years of caring for athletes from throughout this region, has allowed us the opportunity to work with national caliber athletes as well as recreational fitness enthusiasts. This broad orientation allows us to make the highest quality care available to individuals at all levels of athletic ability and experience.

The Cutting Edge of Sports Medicine

The continued expansion of our clinical facilities and services has helped us develop newer and more sophisticated methods for managing athletic problems. Biomechanical analysis of gait, swimming and throwing, along with the ability to perform various computer-generated measurements of strength and performance, are key clinical tools which allow our staff to deal effectively with overuse problems encountered by athletes. Coupled with aggressive clinical research and the development of the Athletic Performance Testing Program and the Sports Training Program, Concorde Sports Medicine has been able to address performance issues which go beyond rehabilitation, bringing to this area many services previously available only to elite athletes.

The Key is Prevention

Concorde Sports Medicine, through educational workshops, specialized fitness programs, and team performance testing and evaluation programs, has taken a leading role in the development of community based programs of injury prevention. Ongoing consultation with coaches, athletes and parents has reduced the frequency and severity of injuries in many sport activities. Continued development of preventative programming in sports medicine is a high priority for the future services of Concorde Sports Medicine, and is a reflection of its commitment to improving the quality of athletic participation for individuals throughout the region.

Concorde Sports Medicine, through educational workshops and specialized fitness programs, has taken a leading role in the development of community based programs of injury prevention.

For more information about Sports Medicine Services at Concorde, contact Jason Vickers, AT, MEd, Director, Sports Medicine Services, at the Belden Village facility – 330-493-4210.