Aquatic Therapy

Most of the Earth’s Surface is Covered by Water…

…We’re putting 40,000 gallons of it to good use!

What Goes Around Comes Around

Historically, aquatic therapy has been one of the most widely used modalities in rehabilitation. It reached a summit in the management of polio patients in the 1940’s and 50’s, only to give way to more “high tech” therapies in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Today we’ve “rediscovered” the therapeutic benefits of aquatic therapy — expanding the applications of this modality to a very broad spectrum of patient needs.

Which Way to the Beach?

One of the biggest problems with aquatic therapy programs over the years has been getting the patient to the pool. At Concorde Therapy Group, we’ve brought the pool to the patient. Our therapeutic pools in Belden Village and Alliance are right in the middle of our modern facilities. The obvious benefit of this proximity is the ability to combine the aquatic therapy session with the other components of rehabilitative care offered at Concorde.

These pools were specially designed to meet the rehabilitation needs of our patients, with lift seat, parallel bar entry area, extensive handrails, resistance jets, and a variable platform to transform the pool depth for special populations. We also maintain a highly experienced professional pool therapy staff to individually guide the aquatic rehabilitation services for our patients.

Our therapeutic pools are maintained at a constant temperature of 92o F. As a rehabilitation tool, the pool is hard to beat — it’s an ideal medium because of its ability to meet a broad spectrum of the needs of patients. Pool therapy is frequently the “first step” in the rehabilitation process because it allows us to eliminate the effects of gravity and start exercise training in a very safe and controlled fashion.

Everybody in the Pool!

Aquatic therapy is an important component in our treatment approach to many patients. Many orthopedic patients are able to begin protected movement after injury or surgery. Arthritic patients love the water — they are able to achieve challenging levels of exercise and improved movement, without placing painful stresses on involved joints. Our patients with back problems are able to “unload” their spine in neutral gravity and begin to perform functional activities without pain. Neurological patients with such problems as stroke or head trauma, can work to improve both coordination and strength. Even high-level athletes use the pool for protected exercise and cross-training during injury recovery and progressive return to activity.

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