Occupational Therapy

Expanding the potential for daily function

About Occupational Therapy at Concorde

At Concorde Therapy Group, our Occupational Therapist plays a comprehensive role in the management of patients in our outpatient setting. OT’s are graduates of accredited programs and are registered and licensed practitioners.

Deb King, OTR/L, CHT is an advanced specialist in hand therapy. She provides hand & upper extremity therapy services in both our Belden Village and Alliance facilities, and is a Certified Hand Therapist. Deb has completed extensive and advanced training and is certified through the Hand Therapy Certification Commission.

Deb works with patients who have had surgery, or trauma to their hand and upper extremity causing damage to nerves, tendons and ligaments, as well as arthritis, fractures, wounds and infections, amputations, scarring, burns, swelling, stiffness, and changes in sensation.

Many patients who are affected by cumulative traumas such as tennis elbow, trigger finger and carpal tunnel seek hand therapy for relief. OT interventions include workstation modifications, preventative programs, pain management, splinting, conditioning and stretching programs We also address patient education regarding ways to simplify work, conserve energy and protect joints, tendons and nerves.

Deb provides coordinated management of upper extremity lymphedema with a combination of passive and active approaches. She performs edema massage and active drainage techniques, along with mechanical compression, bandaging, therapeutic exercise and activity modification. She is also a key player in our Post-Mastectomy program, not only in the management of lymphedema, but in addressing issues related to recovery of upper extremity function.

In dealing with neurologically-impaired adults experiencing such problems as stroke or head injury, OT addresses all aspects of activities of daily living (ADL). Adaptive equipment selection and instruction encompass recommendations for pre-made implements which are designed to simplify a task, as well as custom fabrication and/or adaptation to existing equipment, tools or utensils by the therapist.

In the arena of industrial rehabilitation, OT performs functional capacity evaluations, which are used to objectively determine physical limitations or restrictions to specific components of a job task. This information is extremely helpful in establishing criteria which allows for safe return to work.

Occupational Therapy services are offered in our Belden Village and Alliance facilities.

For more information on these services, please contact Deb King, OTR/L, CHT at Belden Village (330-493-4210), or Alliance (330-829-2338).